“Kinda Natural” Beachy Waves

Hey guys!


Story time!!

So…. for as long as I could remember, I have absolutely hated my natural hair. I started learning how to straighten my hair when I caught my sister ironing her hair…yeah, you read right…. my sister was ironing her hair (DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME Continue reading ““Kinda Natural” Beachy Waves”


Wrap Me Up!


Hey y’all,

Happy almost weekend! I find Thursdays almost as wonderful and blissful as Fridays, a little bit of a tease she is, but being close to the weekend makes me hopeful and sane a teeny bit longer. With chilly mornings on the way, it is imperative that my outfits throughout the week, keep me as toasty and as comfortable as possible! ┬áThis might not be the case all the time, as the fashionista in me occasionally chooses fashion over warmth, but I’m slowly seeing that change the older I get. Warm Shagee= Happy Shagee (I’m not the most pleasant person to be around when I’m cold).

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