Strawberry Lovin’

If you have never picked your own strawberries before, you need to stop reading this and find the closest U-pick farm near you and you need to go NOW!


People always ask me why I don’t just go to a grocery store and just buy strawberries. I do buy them all year round, but you guys once summer hits I make an effort to go at least twice! Its such a lovely experience AND the strawberries taste like nothing you would buy at a grocery store. They are so sweet in flavour and actually taste like REAL strawberries.

My sister came to visit me in Vancouver last week and I immediately knew it would be a trip we had to make. I come from a family of serious fruit lovers, so I just knew it was a must! We went to Emily Lee Farms which was a 30 minute drive out of Vancouver, which was super awesome since I was so used to driving  at least an hour out to get my hand on these juicy strawberries. It turned out to be the most perfect day, the sun was shinning, there were tons of strawberries to pick, my sister was with me  AND there was ice-cream shop that used fresh local strawberries from the farm! I mean, I could not have asked for a more beautiful day.



OH! I almost forgot to mention, my sister and I met this incredibly kind women we ended up sparking a conversation with and she had given us such an awesome tip that i will definitely start doing, and you should too!  Every summer she picks HEAPS of strawberries, raspberries and blue berries and freezes them to have with her morning smoothies all year long! I mean, when you think about it- that is incredibly cost efficient! One bag of frozen berries is usually between $5.99-&7.99!!!! and I usually end up buying a bag at least once a week. When you do the math, that is roughly $32 bucks a month that you could be saving! We got 3 pounds of strawberries for only $10.00!!!! I never was huge into raspberries until I started picking my own and I cannot tell you guys enough how different the flavours are when you pick your own as opposed to buying them!


Tip: If you want your strawberries to last longer and you’re not going to freeze them- do not wash them all at once because they will go bad quicker than leaving them as is after picking them and refrigerating them!

Tip- The redder and smaller the juicier and sweeter they will be!

My belly was so full after picking, to be honest my sister was doing most of the picking for us, while I just ate. If you were wondering, I did make sure to have soft serve before we left haha



Hope you guys enjoyed this post, and inspired one or two you to get in your car to start driving towards a strawberry patch, I promise you wont regret it!

“Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going to fast – you also miss the sense of where you are going and why”.- Eddie Cantor

Be Fearless my friends,





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