Wrap Me Up!


Hey y’all,

Happy almost weekend! I find Thursdays almost as wonderful and blissful as Fridays, a little bit of a tease she is, but being close to the weekend makes me hopeful and sane a teeny bit longer. With chilly mornings on the way, it is imperative that my outfits throughout the week, keep me as toasty and as comfortable as possible!  This might not be the case all the time, as the fashionista in me occasionally chooses fashion over warmth, but I’m slowly seeing that change the older I get. Warm Shagee= Happy Shagee (I’m not the most pleasant person to be around when I’m cold).

The weather has been absolutely amazing here in Calgary and I couldn’t be more grateful or happy that my fall outfits have made an appearance for that long. Usually winter hits late September to early October here in Calgary, so for an Autumn lover it’s kinda tragic. Although, I have to say I’ve been quite lucky since moving here, I thankfully have not experienced a “typical Calgarian winter”. It’s funny that I chose today of all fall days to write this post because today we say goodbye to fall. I just took a quick glance out the window and guess what y’all!?  IT’S SNOWING!!! “Winters coming” hehe.

Luckily, I have my chunky blanket scarf wrapped all over my entire body helping me get through this very sad snow day & very cold office. That smile you see above has faded and will not appear again until spring. so long happiness… haha Just kidding, I’m just being a spoiled brat that’s not ready for skin piercing, cold winter months. How dramatic do I sound?….

Booties/Purse/belt:Aldo     Scarf: Aritzia    Leather Jacket/Jeans: Zara  Hat: Forever 21

img_8008img_8018Here’s a great transitional outfit into the winter months. This blanket scarf is EVERYTHING you guys! Some complain that it’s too thick, but if you are someone who is always cold (ME), this gem is definitely something to hold close to you through these colder months. It’s large enough to use as a blanket and THE perfect size for a scarf! You feel so warm and covered up in this beauty. This is just one of the many ways you can wear this scarf. I love pairing it with a leather jacket; it adds a lot of softness to something as strong as a black leather jacket! I sometimes even wear the scarf alone when the winds are not too strong and its large enough to even style as a poncho too!img_7988img_8005img_7983

 Let me know how you style your scarfs!

Photos were taken by my beautifully talented bestfriend, Milena Petrovic

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” ~George Addair


Enjoy & Be Fearless Friends



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