5 Ways To Declutter Your Mind!

declutter-your-mindWith how fast paced life can be as we grow older, we can easily find ourselves stressing over the one million things we need to get done, along with the many other concerns we have going on in our everyday lives.  I’m about to give you some solid advice friends that will help you not only change your way of thinking but also give you the ability to live a clutter free life. I promise you, just by applying one or two or all five of these tips into your own daily life consistently will absolutely change your life! I have applied these tips in my own life and I’m telling ya’ll it works wonders!

 Tip Numero UNO : Get an Agenda/ Journal!

I started using an agenda consistently almost 9 years ago when I started university and diligently kept with it. I was working, volunteering, working out and going to school full time. Constantly thinking about all the things I had to get done- when assignments were due, when and what time work was, what days I had to volunteer and when my gym time could fit in between all my most important priorities. I was driving myself crazy and knew I had to figure out how to cope with the things I had to get done in a day. I soon realized I had to put things on paper to limit the chaos that was happening upstairs. So, I bought an agenda and put my entire life in there. This friends, changed my life immensely. My life instantly became organized, I wasn’t as overwhelmed as I was, my stress levels decreased and I was able to attack my to-do list with a clear mind because it wasn’t as daunting to start and get things done when I could visually see it. Sometimes we tend to overwhelm ourselves with the simplest of things and push it off till the last minute because everything else we store in our minds is making the smallest tasks inconceivable.

A few years later I started writing everything down, from my insecurities, to random thoughts to even ideas, I WROTE EVERYTHING DOWN, and started this tactic, where once I wrote it down, I would forget about it if I couldn’t change the circumstances/had no control in changing them. I should mention though, this is a lifelong commitment and it is something I try my best to practice every single day ( AND it’s totally okay if you fall off track (I’m guilty), just remember to hop back on).

I am most definitely someone who is constantly thinking, and this friends can be so detrimental to your mental health especially when your thoughts are not so positive. Inner chatter can often times control and interrupt your thought process and daily life when you are trying to get things done or just simply trying to live in the moment. If you are someone who overthinks or just has way too many things on their to do list, get an agenda and write it all down friends.

One last tip, this may sound silly to some BUT! crossing out tasks that you complete can give you an instant boost of confidence that can make you feel really productive and accomplished. Leaving your mind clutter-less and happy!

Tip number 2: Make time to exercise!

One of best decisions I’ve ever made was starting to run! I’ve become addicted to it because it brings me a lot of clarity and happiness in a matter of 30 mins.

When you have lots on your mind or just feeling in the dumps, I highly recommend getting outside and get your heart pumping guys! It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you’re moving. From walking, running, playing catch with a friend, biking, or rollerblading- anything at all, just get moving and soak up some vitamin D. Some of you may not know this, but when you are exercising your body releases happy chemicals into your brain, one of them being dopamine, a chemical that is responsible for feelings of pleasure and happiness! So when you are exercising your brain is releasing this chemical which is why we generally feel insanely happy during and after a workout, so get out there and get happy!

Not to mention all the other benefits that you get from exercising: it gives you a boost of confidence, it energizes you, AND it lowers anxiety… I mean why wouldn’t you make this trade off?! So if you battle from anxiety, I highly recommend implementing 30 minutes a day for your mental health! So friends, the next time you are feeling overwhelmed and defeated with your thoughts or just feeling not your “best self” get off the couch and get outside! I PROMISE YOU GUYS, THIS WORKS!

Tip # 3: Start listening to uplifting Podcasts!

Here me out on this one friends, so my amazing sister actually recommended this to me and at first I was a little hesitant, but I was willing to try anything to lessen the chatter that constantly goes on in my head. She was over one day that I was having a melt down (I know you’ve had one of these days too!) and she downloaded this app on my phone called “Casts” , and downloaded some podcasts for me to listen to, one of my absolute favourites from her list is Bruse Van Horn’s podcasts: Life is a Marathon.

Guys’ listening to these podcasts has changed my life. It has really helped me gear my thoughts into a positive direction and how to alter my ways of thinking when I do start thinking of something negative. So his podcasts are generally about daily struggles we as human beings experience and how to overcome these struggles and thoughts, and most importantly he talks about fear and it’s impact on our personal and professional growth! (Something I struggle with daily). So I usually put a podcast on and go for run and it’s honestly exhilarating, the happiness I feel during and after a run is honestly unexplainable (TRY IT). After my runs or after listening to an uplifting podcasts one of the very first thoughts I feel is that “life is honestly going to be okay”, these expectations and limitations I/we put on ourselves is only hindering our potential and it’s a daily reminder for me to enjoy life as it comes and everything else will follow.

Tip # 4: Keep your work and living space tidy

Keeping a tidy, clean home is my fourth tip to declutter your mind. There is nothing more I look forward to than coming home to a clean and cozy space after a long day at work. It brings me a lot of peace believe it or not. To be able to come home and know the physical space I live in is clean and organized, seems to lessen the crazy amount of thoughts that can happen in my mind, and guys! It’s even scientifically proven that physical clutter can actually affect one’s ability to focus and complete tasks. For some, this might not be the case because some people can work in a messy space by tuning out what is going on around them and it just works for them, and that’s totally okay too, unfortunately I’m just not one of those people and I find this has worked for me for years and years.

They say that the things surrounding you can actually compete for your attention which results in decreased performance and an increase in stress levels, so when you  go to bed at night guys, go to bed after tidying up your living space, with that espresso machine ready to hit start in the morning and when you wake up in the morning, do yourself a favour and make your bed and leave the space clean before walking out that door. I guarantee your day will start off on the right foot and you’ll be so grateful and thankful to come home to a neat and tidy place that allows you to focus on things that need your attention, like a tasty/delicious/healthy meal 😉

 Tip # 5: Meditation

This last tip is also something my wonderful wise, big sister recommended and it’s also something I recently started to do and that is, “meditating”. I usually do this an hour or two before I get into bed. I do this in the morning too if I wake up early enough because it makes for a fantastic/ positive start to my day. I find doing it before bed really has calmed down my racing mind. Before I started to meditate, I would lay in bed for hours, restless and unable to fall asleep. I would think about everything and anything- from what happened throughout the day, what needed to get done for the next day, it was endless you guys. I haven’t mastered the wonders of meditating quite yet, but I’d say I have gotten a pretty great start.

The changes I have experienced from just doing this for one month consistently are crazy! I’m learning to control my anxiety, especially in situations that “fear” takes over simply through deep breathing, how to let go of negative thoughts that occasionally enter my mind throughout the day, I get 7 solid hours of sleep most nights and this is probably the best change I’ve seen in my life since mediating! Prior to this, I was honestly getting 4 hours of sleep and that was on a good night. So that for me is more than enough to convince me to continue. I’ll keep you guys posted on the other benefits I may experience since implementing mediation into my daily life but honestly you should try this when you are just feeling overwhelmed from the ruminating thoughts running through your mind or simply to practice mindfulness.

You guys, if you are anything like me or can even relate to this blog post at all, I can guarantee taking these techniques and applying them to your own life will give you back more than any of these tips will take from you, I promise.

“Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions” – Pema Chodron

Enjoy & Be Fearless Friends



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