Side Slit Maxi

A side slit skirt (say that 10 times really fast! haha) is definitely a piece everyone needs to try this summer (yes, summer is still here friends). There is something so sexy about having a little bit of skin peek through, these types of skirts allow you to feel sexy and conservative all at the same time.

220A9058I paired this gorgeous skirt with a clean white, wrap top that looks great on all women with all different bust sizes! You can tie the wrap on the side or finish it with a bow at the back (which is what I did). This is just the look I went for but you can pair any top with this skirt. I would stay away from patterns just because the skirt itself has a lot going on already and you don’t want to overwhelm the outfit with more patterns! Throw on some sandals if you are just walking around, going to the beach or out to lunch. If you want this look for “night wear”, just add some wedges and you are ready!

  • A quick little tip to all my shopaholics out there: I tend to snatch the best finds for quarter of the price during the last weeks of summer! I got this skirt at H&M for $5!!!!, originally 34 whopping dollars in the clearance section!!!! CRAZY RIGHT!?



Not to mention this high waisted skirt does a great job accentuating the waistline ladies.

I hope you guys enjoyed this look!

Photos: Ovyian Photography

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world”― Desmond Tutu

Be Fearless Friends!



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